Monday, July 18, 2011

Three Steps to Finding the Right Men's Wedding Ring

While ladies often possess additional choice in relation to rings, you can possibly be astonished to discover that there are also a tremendous choice for men's engagement and wedding celebration ring designs. grownup men often choose rugged and masculine designs: a straightforward band, funnel set, or pave ring. even although men's engagement rings are much less common than women's, they are developing in popularity. They are comparable in look to wedding celebration rings, but they typically incorporate just one useful stone. We glance on the common styles and resources in additional detail below.

1. choose out Your Width

Men's rings could possibly be anyplace from three to 8 millimetres, although many people appear to decide on a ring in between 5 - 6 millimetres in width.

2. choose out Your Metal


Nearly pure gold (22 carat), 18 carat, and 14 carat gold stay well-known and conventional options for men's wedding celebration rings. 14 carat gold, although it consists of only 58 % gold, is routinely used since, receiving a increased alloy content, it is additional durable than purer gold. The increased the gold content, the deeper the color of your gold ring.

White Gold

White gold can be an alloy of gold and one or two bright metals (usually nickel, manganese, and palladium), and covered with rhodium plating to raise its whiteness. bright gold appears comparable to platinum however it is additional affordable. Other variations on gold consist of rose, red, pink, green, and dark gold, every sole mixed with distinctive alloys for colour.


Silver is much less usually employed for engagement or wedding celebration rings since it is prone to oxidisation, requiring conventional cleaning. As such, silver is routinely recommended for casual jewellery as opposed to prolonged phrase daily wear. Silver is much less pricey than gold and platinum.


Tungsten, a grey-white metal, may be also recognized as wolfram or tungsten carbide. Unalloyed, it is used in commercial application. Tungsten have been developing in acceptance getting a substance for men's jewellery largely as a finish off result of its severe durability. Tungsten arrives receiving a organically grown polish and calls for no continuing maintenance, but cannot be resized or resoldered.


Titanium is among the hardest and most scratch resistant metals available, and for that reason, it could possibly be considered a well-known choice for men's rings. regardless of its strength, titanium is not heavy like platinum. Titanium is much less pricey than platinum but slightly additional pricey than gold.


Like tungsten, palladium is developing in popularity. A useful metal, it is typically bright and does not need continuing repolishing. even although it is extremely comparable to platinum in appearance, palladium typically sells for just about any fraction within of the price.


Platinum is among probably the most well-known resources for wedding celebration and engagement rings. It is additional pricey than gold as well as compares favourably in conditions of strength, although other metals along the lines of titanium are even stronger. Platinum does not fade and does not need maintenance.

3. choose out Your Design

    * Simple strap - The classic, unadorned, straightforward strap design is whatsoever occasions well-known for men's wedding celebration rings.

    * Pave - Using a pave design on men's diamond rings delivers a vintage, elegant, and luxurious look.

    * Channel founded - The funnel founded design provides an stylish look even although producing use within of the metal accustomed to offset the useful stones of your choice.

    * Studded design - Diamonds or other useful stones are studded all through the band, providing an desirable and modern morning look. Alternatively, you could choose out one sole diamond or other useful stone getting studded within your ring.

    * Engraved - Men's engagement and wedding celebration rings could possibly be engraved with words, symbols, or other styles for just about any personalised and one of a kind ring.

    * Hammered - The hammered design is well-known since it provides an individualistic, rugged, and textured look in the direction of ring.

    * Textured, Knotty, Braided - Other styles and variations consist of the knotty, twisted strap or perhaps a braided strap that glance "weaved."